Water Heating


Zircon Cylinder.

The Zircon cylinder range is constructed from strong lightweight Duplex stainless steel to allow ease of handling on site, whilst offering exceptional corrosion resistance particularly in aggressive water areas, compared with some forms of stainless steel and glass-lined steel. With no sacrificial anode to replace regular maintenance is kept to a minimum. Foam insulation measuring 50mm (CFC/HCDC-free-ODP zero) is available on all models to give improved insulation standards. Our cylinders are finished in modern and robust white plastic-coated corrosion-proofed steel, cased with grey high impact thermoplastic top and bottom mouldings.

Indirect models are designed to offer high out-put coil-in-coil heat exchanger rating 12.5 to 19kW allowing high efficient transfer of energy whilst its position in the base of the cylinder maximises the amount of hot water heated, and the cold water controls design delivers good flow rate performance. The Zircon cylinder range gives mains pressure hot water for a balanced supply to showers and mixers – without the need for a shower pump. Designed with the installer in mind – all plumbing and electrical connections are located easily to give maximum access. Plumbing connections are 22mm compression.

Capacities range from 120 to 300 litres on the standard models and 190 to 300 litres on the solar models. With no cold feed cistern required – the cylinder can be installed in an airing cupboard, loft, cellar, utility room or even in a garage. Backed by a 25 year guarantee with on-site service support.

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Elson range


Unvented Cylinder.

The new Main unvented hot water cylinders are designed to deliver today’s hot water requirements to a range of domestic properties. The coil-in-coil heat exchanger ensures rapid heat recovery whilst promoting boiler efficiency. To help save the enviroment and minimise fuel bills, 50mm of factory injected polyurethane foam ensures that heat loss and running costs are kept to a minimum. This is achieved through the use of a clean simple design with all controls and connections positioned in the front quadrant of the cylinder. The stainless steel inner container ensures a long life with low maintenance. There are 6 sizes in the indirect range, 120L, 150L, 170L, 210L, 250L and 300L. There are also 2 sizes in the direct range, 170L and 210L.

Solar Hot Water Cylinder.

The Main Solar thermal unvented hot water cylinder has been specifically designed for solar applications, whilst offering all the benefits of the standard Main unvented cylinder. Unlike some other twin coil systems, it has a purpose-designed solar heating coil at its base which ensures maximum heat input and efficiency from the solar energy. The size of cylinder required depends on the number of people in the household and the amount of hot water needed daily. There are 3 sizes in the range, 210L, 250L and 300L.

Water Heater.

The Main FF (Fan Flue) and Main BF (Balanced Flue) Water Heaters are ideal in homes with high hot water demand, they provide instantaneous hot water without the need for a storage cylinder. Installation is straightforward, thanks to the simple 3-pipe connections with isolation valves, pre-wired standard plug (FF) and flexible flueing options. If you need to locate the heater away from an external wall, the FF model is perfect. It has a 4-metre horizontal and vertical flue option making siting easy. The BF option comes with a Piezo Spark
Igniter, meaning no batteries or wiring are needed – and both models have clear temperature controls.

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Main range


D61 Water Heaters.

The D61B water heater has remained virtually unchanged since its introduction in 1990 when it was designated the D51B. It has been a favorite with many Caravan Holiday Home Manufactures, and is an industry benchmark for reliability and performance. It gives a flowrate of 6 litres per minute at a temperature rise of 25 degrees celsius above ambient. Maximum power input is 11KW. It requires a minimum water operating pressure of 1Bar and must be connected to a conventional Flue. The D61E is similar to the D61B but with battery powered manual electronic ignition. Pressing a button sends a stream of sparks to light the pilot much more easily than the traditional piezo. Battery is AA size and pilot could be lit with a match in the event of battery failure.

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Morco range


Indirect Unvented Cylinder

Available in six sizes from 120 to 300 litres to suit the vast majority of domestic installations, the Indirect models are the core of the cylinder range. Thanks to our large surface area, high performance heat exchanger coils the Indirect models boast impressive heat up times – the 180 litre model taking just 25 minutes to reach 60ºC from cold. The Indirect models are designed to be fed directly from the mains water supply via the inlet group supplied, which is capable of receiving incoming water at pressures up to a maximum of 12 bar. In order to achieve the best performance from our unvented cylinders the mains water supply must be capable of supplying a flow rate of at least 20 litres per minute with a dynamic pressure of at least 1.5 bar. Should the supply performance be less than this the hot water flow rates will be reduced, however a Warmflow unvented cylinder may still be installed and the benefits of a fast heat up time and minimal heat losses can still be enjoyed.

Direct Unvented Cylinder

The electrically heated Direct cylinders are designed for instances where the use of fossil fuels is impractical / unavailable. Featuring two immersion heaters, one heating the entire cylinder volume and the other heating a boost volume at the top, the cylinders are able to make use of the Economy 7 tariff in order to minimise the cost of hot water. If used in this way, the cylinder should be sized to provide the complete anticipated daily hot water use, thereby reducing the use of the boost element which runs on the more expensive standard tariff.

Twin Coil Unvented Cylinder

The Twin Coil models have all the features and benefits of the Indirect models but come with an additional coil for use with a renewable heat source, or an additional boiler. The models feature large dedicated renewable volumes, making them suitable for use with solar thermal systems in line with the recommendations in the Domestic Building Services Compliance Guide 2010. The renewable coil (the lower of the two coils) has a large surface area to maximise the use of available low grade heat from a renewable resource. The cylinder thermostats for both coils are factory-fitted and an immersion heater is supplied for back-up. All Twin Coil model feature a dedicated 22mm connection for use with a secondary return (pumped circulation).

Triple Coil Unvented Cylinder

Similar in specification to the Twin Coil models our Triple Coil cylinders feature a total of three heat exchanger coils – two 1” (28mm) coils heating the upper section and a 22mm renewable coil at the bottom. This flexibility means that, for example, the cylinder might be heated by a solar thermal system via the renewable coil, a wood pellet boiler supplying the primary coil and a back-up oil or gas boiler on the tertiary coil.

Eco Direct Unvented Cylinder

The Eco Direct is the Twin Coil equivalent for electric hot water installations. It features two immersion heaters intended for use in the same manner as those of a Direct cylinder, but also has an indirectly heated coil for use with a renewable resource, such as a solar thermal system. The models feature dedicated renewable volumes and large surface area coils to maximise the use of available low grade heat from a renewable resource. By combining the use of renewable energy with the Economy 7 tariff, the Eco Direct models offer improved affordability where the use of fossil fuels is impractical / unavailable.

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