Solar Hot Water Heating.

Firebird’s Envirosol range of solar hot water systems represents the ultimate in choice and quality on the market. The Envirosol solar systems are available in both kit or component form and offer one of the widest choices available on the market. The benefits of using solar energy for hot water heating are immense. For one the energy source comes for free and research shows that solar hot water heating systems can deliver up to 70% of the hot water requirements for an average household. Investing in solar energy is an investment in the future of the environment and should add to the resale value of your property. By using solar energy to heat domestic hot water you will be helping to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels while at the same time improving the energy efficiency, and potentially the value of your home. In particular solar energy scores positively with the new BER -Building Efficiency Rating scheme.

Biomass Boiler.

The Firebird Bio-Tec wood gasification boiler represents the very latest in high-efficiency wood burning. Built to Firebird exacting standards the Bio-Tec can deliver central heating and hot water to domestic homes or small commercial premises with the minimum of effort and cleaning. Gasification is achieved in wood burning when gases released from the combusting wood are mixed with a regulated supply of oxygen to create a complete oxidation process. This results in extremely high combustion efficencies and minimal of ash waste. Only wood or wood briquettes with a maximum humidity of 20% can be burnt in the Bio-Tec boiler. And the lower the humidity the better the combustion efficiency.

Wood Pellet Boiler.

Firebird’s EnviroPel range of wood pellet boiler represents the very latest in carbon neutral wood pellet heating for use in domestic and light commercial applications. Enviropel wood pellet boilers encompass all of the usual Firebird brand ingredients – high efficiency, robust build quality, user-friendly operation as well as ease of service and maintenance.

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Ground Source Heat Pump.

The Warmflow Ground Source Heat Pump was conceived to be one of the most efficient and low emission appliances in its class. It has been designed and built in accordance to EN14511. Efficiency or Coefficient of Performance (CoP) at a brine inlet temperature of 0oC and a flow temperature of 35oC at it median speed is in excess of 4.8. This means that for every kW of electricity consumed 4.8 kW of heat are produced or in other terms 480% efficient. When energy efficiency labelling is introduced for heat pumps in 2014 the Warmflow heat pump will have a Seasonal Coefficient of Performance (SCoP) rating of A+++.

Wood Pellet Boiler.

The Warmflow Wood Pellet boiler is one of the most efficient and intelligent boilers in its class. Its Micro processor controls all aspects of the appliance and if configured to do so upon installation can control all the heating system functions through its user friendly interface which incorporates a 7 day independent timer for heating and hot water, weather compensating, frost protection, domestic hot water storage temperature and operation of its immersion. For peace of mind, a low-level pellet warning light will let you know when you’re running low. The boiler is housed in a IP54 rated weatherproof housing complete with its own integral flue and is suitable for both internal & external installation. Various flue extension options are available which give great flexibility to its installation location. It is also suitable for retrofit installation without the need for a buffer tank. The boiler has a wide output range and automatically modulates within its output range depending upon heat demand. The maximum and minimum output ranges can be selected by the commissioning engineer. To optimise the efficiency of the appliance the boiler is equipped with the latest EC variable speed circulating pump, which matches it speed to the hydraulic resistance and the heat demand of the system.

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