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Versatile pipe fittings

One SharkBite fitting, four pipe options – connect to multiple pipe fittings including: Copper to PEX pipe, Copper to Carbon Steel pipe, PEX to Polybutylene. Basically any combination of these four pipe materials can be connected together using SharkBite fittings. Now there is no need to purchase, store or carry a different array of fittings.

The plumbing solution for any installation.

Contractors, specifiers, architects and installers alike can all experience the benefits SharkBite offers when specifying and using the SharkBite range of highly innovative and technologically advanced fittings, designed to meet the demands of both modern day residential and commercial hot and cold water systems.

How SharkBite works

The sharp stainless steel teeth of the internal grab ring bite into the pipe once pushed into the fitting, gripping it tightly and never letting go. The specially formulated material of the o-ring compresses to create a perfect watertight seal. A SharkBite demount tool can be used to remove a fitting and it is immediately reusable, making SharkBite the true modern plumbing solution.

With no solder, flux or heat required, SharkBite is ideal for use in listed buildings or sites where flamed jointing is not permitted. Wet joints are as easy to make as dry – meaning repairs can be made in seconds!

No fuss solution

  • Quick and easy to install water tight pipe fittings in both wet or dry conditions (repairs can be made in seconds)
  • Heat/flux free installation – ideal for use in listed buildings or sites where flamed jointing is a hazard
  • No expensive tools required
  • Quick and easy to demount
  • Instantly reusable time and time again
  • Incorporates in-built pipe guidance for superior o-ring protection
  • Pre-lubricated o-ring

Versatile range

  • Connects Copper, Carbon Steel, PEX and Polybutylene pipe in any combination
  • Comprehensive choice of pipe, fittings, valves and accessories
  • Sizes from 10mm up to 54mm
  • Slip Couplings and Slip Tees – ideal for repairs and retrospective additions
  • End caps ideal for prefabrications and part system testing (demountable & instantly reusable)
  • Single and multi-pack pack sizes (colour coded for easier selection)
  • Slim, compact design – fully rotatable and ideal for use in confined spaces or where pipework is exposed
  • Easy to insulate

Secure pipe fittings

  • Electrically continuous (when used with Copper or Carbon Steel pipe)
  • European compliant—ultra low lead DZR body
  • No UV degradation
  • Stainless Steel Cartridge Rings provide high resistance to acetal degradation
  • Easily detectable behind walls
  • Pressure rated to 10 bar at 120°C
  • WRAS approved and certified by many international institutes
  • 25 year guarantee

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