Heating Controls

Danfoss Controls.

Time Control with service interval.

For use in any domestic heating and hot water function the MK18 range (FP715Si, CP715Si and TS715Si) has a model for any situation, offering flexibility and reliability, with an elegant look and some handy features. All models have a slim, modern enclosure and a large LCD with a convenient back light. Employing the latest technology, these versatile domestic heating time controls are reliable and easy to use. They are the installer’s first choice due to their ready interchangeability with most other existing controls. All models have real time and date set in the factory and automatically display the correct time when powered up. The time and date information is used to automatically change between summer and wintertime on the right day each year without user intervention, substantially reducing the number of call backs.

Programmable Room Thermostat.

The TP5000 Si range of programmable room thermostats offers easy to install and use 5/2 day thermostats with up to six time and temperature changes each day with different programmes for weekdays and weekends. Mains or battery powered for ease of installation, the TP5000 Si has a large, easy-to-read LCD display. It is easy to programme and operate because of a built-in switching programme that the user can easily change to suit individual heating requirements. The TP5000 Si is also available in wireless (RF) versions. Using secure digital radio communication, the thermostats communicate with an RX receiver unit, which can be mounted up to 30 metres away from the thermostat.

Programmable Room Thermostat with Hot Water.

The TP9000 combines the benefits of a programmable room thermostat and a hot water timer in one unit. Providing full 7 day control, as well as 5 day/2 day and 24 hour control, the TP9000 is suited for almost any timing requirement. Add to this an advanced copy function and A+B programming functionality and you have a truly versatile unit.

Wireless Cylinder Thermostat.

The CET B-RF is a battery powered cylinder thermostat which measures cylinder temperature using a strap-on temperature sensor. The sensor is fitted to the cylinder wall and wires to the
thermostat, which is normally located adjacent to the cylinder. The thermostat and boiler or zone valve communicate with each other using secure RF wireless communication using the included RX-1.

Valves and Actuators.

H-series ‘shoe’ valves are available in 2-port and 3-port versions in a wide range of sizes for both copper and iron pipework. Actuators for mid-position, diverter and 2-port on/off applications complete the range. Valve bodies and actuators may be purchased separately or in convenient sets. For ease of installation and serviceability, assembly of the actuator to the valve body is made on site, using the screws provided.

Control Packs.

Competitively priced for the contracts market, Danfoss control packs offer the contractor integrated components, compliant with Part L legislation, for a trouble free installation. Standard packs include motorised valves, room thermostats, a cylinder thermostat (if specified), a wiring centre and a programmer or timeswitch (if specified) from the extensive Danfoss

Radiator Valve.

The compact RAS-C2 is equally suited to both the domestic and contract market, and comes complete with the innovative flow selectable RA-FS bi-directional valve body which can be mounted either vertically or horizontally in flow or return. If water hammer is experienced a patented flow selection device within the valve can be turned to reverse the water direction inside the valve without the need to drain down the system. A quick and easy solution to an otherwise expensive problem.

Commercial Radiator Valves and Sensors.

For the commercial market, Danfoss offers a range of valves and sensors, suitable for practically all types of systems and installation conditions. Sensors and valve bodies, which are packed separately, can be mixed and matched by the specifier and installer to meet the specific needs of each and every installation. RA2000 sensors are robustly constructed to withstand the misuse and abuse often found in the commercial and industrial sectors. The range includes high strength, tamperproof models, ideal for use in public buildings, including schools.

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Drayton Controls.

Lifestyle LP Time Controls.

Drayton’s market leading range of Lifestyle LP time controls have a series of extra features. With a contemporary design, they maintain their popular large buttons, streamlined design and are easy to use.

Motorised Valves and Actuators.

Available in 2-port, 3-port diverter and 3-port mid-position versions in 22mm and 28 mm. All models feature snap-on actuators and have industry-standard wiring and dimensions.

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Honeywell Controls.

Time Switches and Programmers.

ST9400C is a 2 channel programmer, designed for control of both heating and stored hot water in complete systems. The heating and hot water programmes are completely independent, to allow the system to be operated in the most energy efficient manner possible. ST9400A is a 2 channel programmer, designed for control of both heating and stored hot water in complete systems. The heating and hot water programmes are completely independent, to allow the system to be operated in the most energy efficient manner possible. The unit is a 1 day full programmer with two on/off switching times per day (which can be increased to 3). It can be used for combi boilers, heating zones or any application where small electric loads need switching. The ST699 time control programmer can be used as a replacement programmer on gravity primary or fully pumped systems. The ST699 has a proven easy to use design. The front panel of the programmer will fit to the same backplate. Programming the timing sequence is straightforward, using the top slider switch and [+] and [-] buttons.

Room Thermostats.

The T6360 is a mains voltage Room Thermostat designed to give automatic temperature control of domestic wet central heating systems. It can be used to directly switch a circulating pump or boiler, or to operate spring return and motor open/motor close zone valves. The T6360 can switch electrical heating loads up to 10A. The T6360 thermostat can also be used for cooling applications. The CM920 series of Wireless Programmable Thermostats is designed to provide wireless time and temperature control to heating or cooling systems in domestic and light commercial buildings. The slim, ultra modern design complements the large LCD screen with the Line of Text (LoT) display and one function button to ensure simplified programming and operation for all users. The CM927 can provide a different heating programme for each day of the week to maximise energy efficiency. Two wire, volt free connections are ideal for use with combination boilers.

Motorised Valves and Actuators

The V4043 series of two port Motorised Valves has a wide range of flow control applications in domestic and light commercial central heating systems. The V4043H normally closed models have end switches for electrical control of pump and/or boiler. The V4073A Valve has been designed to control the flow of water in domestic central heating systems, where both radiator and hot water cylinder circuits are pumped. It is typically suited for small to medium sized installations. The V4044 Motorised Diverter Valve has been designed to control the flow of water between heating and hot water in domestic fully pumped central systems. The Diverter Valve will only allow flow to one zone at any one time.

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Salus Controls.

Room Thermostats.

The RT300 is a highly accurate thermostat with compact design lines and a large, easy-to-read LCD display showing current room temperature, burner on, frost protection and battery status. It has a blue touchbacklight which provides comfortable contrast for night viewing. The RT300RF has all the benefits of the RT300 with added simplicity of no wires and no messy changes to the decor.

Programmable Room Thermostats.

The RT500 is a stylish 5/2 or 7 day programmable room thermostat designed to provide automatic time and temperature control of all domestic central heating applications. The RT500 can switch circulating pumps, boilers and motorised valves. It’s simple and easy to use, and offers the householder a range of convenient, feature-packed options. The RT500RF has all the benefits of the RT500 with added simplicity of no wires and no messy changes to the decor.

Plug-in Programmable Room Thermostats.

Salus Controls RF Plug-in boiler interface is a direct replacement for the very basic time clock, usually supplied fitted to domestic combination boilers. Changing from the mechanical clock to the BC600RX boiler interface takes minutes. Once installed, the user can then benefit from all the control features of the SALUS RT500 programmable room thermostat. The RT500BC is compatable with Alpha, Baxi, Halstead, Ideal, Main, Potterton and Vokera boilers (see the Compatibility Guide for further information).

Internet Thermostat.

With the iT500 internet thermostat you can control your heating and hot water from anywhere via your iOS or Android smartphone, or PC. The iT500 is a wireless programmable room thermostat and your smartphone or laptop connects to the system using your existing broadband connection. There are three system configurations, central heating only, two central heating zones (iT300 remote sensor required for second zone) and central heating plus hotwater.

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