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Ideal Commercial Boilers.

Evomax Wall Hung.

Available in outputs of 30, 40, 60, 80, 100, 120 and 150 kW, the Evomax is designed to ensure all installation requirements can be achieved. With outputs as low as 30 kW and as high as 150 kW, the Evomax offers more to suit your specific requirements. There is also an LPG Evomax range from 30 – 80 kW for off mains installations.

Imax Xtra.

The Imax Xtra range of condensing boilers is offered in six models with outputs from 80 to 280 kW suitable for floor standing application in either single or multiple applications.

Imax Xtra EL.

The Imax Xtra EL range of condensing boilers is available in five models with outputs from 320 to 620kW. Suitable for floor standing applications in either single or multiple installations.


Available in 250, 500, 750 and 1000 kW, the Evomod will achieve an output up to 1MW from a single unit solution together with a minimum footprint that enables the product to be installed where space is limited. Each module provides a maximum of 250 kW heat output and will modulate down through a sophisticated control system.


The Evojet condensing range of pressure jet boilers are available in 10 models with outputs from 150-1450kW. Floor standing boilers for applications in either single or multiple configurations.

Super Plus.

The Super Plus comprises of identical 100kW modules with heat output from 200kW to 600kW.

Super Series 4.

The Super Series 4 comprises of identical 50kW modules with heat outputs from 50kW to 600kW.

Vanguard L.

Vanguard L boilers are designed with a large combustion chamber positioned in the lower part of the heat exchanger, the Vanguard L range ensures maximum heat transfer efficiency (up to 92% net). The Vanguard L range is capable of an impressive output to size ratio.

Viceroy GTS.

Suitable for oil or gas operation the Viceroy GTS range is supplied in a choice of 7 standard models, rated in outputs from 300 kW to 780 kW and has a maximum operating pressure of 6 bar. All models have high/low operation.

Viscount GTS.

The cast iron Viscount GTS boiler range is designed to obtain the largest heat exchange surface in the most space efficient size, yet maintain long life and easy servicing. Low modulated temperature operation down to 40°C allows more fuel savings.

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Vaillant Commercial Boilers.

ecoTEC Wall Hung Condensing Boiler Range.

Lightweight for its class, compact design, including a comprehensive range of flues, fittings and accessories and now available in five output ranges (46, 65, 80, 100 and 120 kW), the ecoTEC wall hung boilers can be sited almost anywhere. For larger buildings, or buildings with more complex layouts, multiple boilers can be installed in cascade, either on a wall or using our new modular cascade rigging system, to provide a highly effective and extremely efficient heating system. They are configured to automatically optimise heat and hot water supply according to the demands on the system at any particular time.

ecoCRAFT Floor Standing Boiler Range.

Starting at 80kW, the range consists of six models and enables the closest load matching with modulation ranges as wide as 17% to 100% on the 160kW boiler. The ecoCRAFT range has a compact size for its class with an appliance width of 695mm and is delivered to site on a single pallet. Its easy manoeuvrability offers flexible siting and a modular heat exchanger design utilising a single pre-mix burner and fan to achieve part load efficiencies as high as 108.4% (net) enabling you to maximise the Building Regulations rating with a class rating for the boiler of NOx class 5.

Cascade Rigs.

The new range of cascade rigging, which is an easily expandable modular system and available for inline, back to back and corner installations of up to eight ecoTEC 46, 65, 80, 100 or 120 wall hung commercial boilers. The cascade rigs mean they offer tailor-made heat output appliances which can be switched off individually when not required. There is a higher modulation range (compared to a single boiler) and maintenance flexibility, meaning that single appliances can be serviced during running operation. What’s more, the plate heat exchangers or hydraulic low loss headers ensure high installation flexibility.

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